The “A.S.D. Dynamic-Center Valle Belbo” in addition to the activities dedicated to its members that take place at its head office, propose itself as an organizer for a series of events opened to all that take place during the year and have the purpose of enhancing the area also with sporting point of view. 


On the occasion of the cultural exhibition “Pavese Festival” which takes place in September, at the closing, is organized the “Trail del Moscato”.

It is a running race of Trail Running divided into two paths, one called “Paesi tuoi” of 21 km and one called “Lavorare Stanca” of 54 km, almost entirely on dirt road through the hills of Moscato, Pavese’s paths, vineyards and woods of the towns of S. Stefano Belbo, Cossano Belbo, Castiglione Tinella, Mango, Camo (CN). Also from 2013 has been inserted a non-competitive race called “Sali Scendi” of 10 km, composed of 20% asphalt and 80% unpaved.

it runs in LANGHE in an area with fantastic landscapes declared



SEPTEMBER 23, 2018


“Lavorare stanca” 54 km 2800 m D +

“Paesi tuoi” : 21 km 1000   m D +

“Sali Scendi” : 10 Km 550 m D +

“KIDS FUN RACE  : 2 km




The “Trail del Moscato”54 km 2800 m D+ is qualifying race for “Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ®” 2019

Is also qualifying race for the GRAND PRIX IUTA ultratrail 2018 – ITALIAN CHAMPIONS IUTA

In addition we will be to the “LUT (Lavaredo Ultra Trail in Cortina at june  2018 to promote the “Trail del Moscato”, the Langhe of S. Stefano Belbo and Castiglione Tinella, its landscapes, vineyards, wineries, farm stays, wine Moscato.

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